Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cool Tools-The (non)Emergency Hanger

I picked up one of these a long time back knowing it would save my day, make a friend or both:

I've not been (un)fortunate enough to need it.  It's designed to fit on just about any QR to get you back home.  Though with the further outboard placement you'll likely be missing your granny gear.  Wheels Manufacturing in Boulder makes all kinds of cool bike bits.

Bogart had an even better idea with the addition of a chainring bolt convert your vinty mixte into a solid hanger style drop:

There were an awfully lot of Peugeot, Raliegh, Gitane and Libetas mixtes made with dropouts without hangers.  My theory: the frames could be sold as 3 or 10 speed bikes.  What's yours?

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