Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sugoi 2012 Sneek Peek

Well it wasn't Audrey Webster, but I did get to see some of the 2012 Spring Sugoi line.  Sugoi, Pearl, Craft, et. al are a little light duty, shrinkwrap look side for Fahzure.  I prefer to wear things that look and act more like clothes.  In the West you can't be in, day out (I can wipe my glasses!). Worried about not surviving a chilly downpour in Oct.? Put a plastic trash bag in your seat bag. Sugoi takes a different approach, they're into high tech fabrics and multiple fabrics in the same piece like this lingerie weight top:

Mesh back is almost see through:

They've also got these techy shorts with dual BOA adjustment (Boa's to be relocated to the back for production):

I don't think this BOA/shorts thing is really going to work out.  Shorts waist bands are kind of a set it and forget it adjustment. Pack interference? Falling?
Here's the best item I saw, Arm Coolers, again some type of high tech, super light wicking fabric with gripers top and bottom, SPF 50...$20 retail!!!

Yes, you can get them with "your own" fashion/social statement.  I'm sure the Ed Hardy and Livestrong (well, maybe, not) models are soon to follow.


While I try to maintain a good selection of long sleeve cotton Ts for riding, I'm often short such an item when working around the property (I ride that much!).  I'd imagine these would be just the thing for working in the garden, up on the roof or down by the water.

Somebody get on making these in a lightweight cotton/spandex (5%) blend, I'm buyin'!

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reverend dick said...

4 words: longsleeve dresshirt.

Draw your own super gay skull/checkered flag.