Saturday, June 18, 2011

Trailside Park-Rip it!

So, Park City, Snyderville Basin, Bob Radke, Progressive Trail Design and so many others have gotten together to create a mini ripper park at Trailside.

There's a kids/beginners course which features smaller moves and a smaller grunt for little folks:

And even littler folks:

The real action is on the mile-long skills trail, a downhill, but pedally collection of jumps and berms.  There were many attempts at sending, even though the course was a bit slow/flat and smallish.  The big wooden bank got everybody's attention. Tyson sending it:

Fahzure had to get some too! Send it!

Photo by Tyson G.

Of course, all the stars came out:

Eric Porter

Eric Porter out riding a snappy 4in. travel knucklebox bike.

Josh Bender

Josh Bender out and workin' the ladies. He was ridin' an Ellsworth 29er and an air sprung slopestylish bike.

Ali Goulet

Multi-renisance man Ali Goulet reppin' Giro et al.

Patrick's arm with this bike and saddle.  Somebody say somethin'.

Photo by Tyson G.

Most impressive, though, was this gal who ripped it all day long.

You heard it here: This type of  park is the future of the sport. Proof.

On the way home I ran into this guy:

Cyclists are not impressed.

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