Saturday, June 11, 2011

Unusual si(gh)t(e)

Does anyone still spell it "sight"?  How about "night"? This guy

is an unusual character for SLC's main drag State Street at 3pm on a Fri afternoon.  Where will he camp? Maybe he's credit carding it? He was fully loaded and riding this bike, I believe:

A 2010 Fuji "Newest" kitted out in Castelli and Ortlieb.  I like the ASI family of brands a lot, but something was lost in translation. You can Get the Look, right there, if you want.   Look at this rig in sum:

  I'm guessing 350lbs total, all of which depends on this brake:

 Wow!... by the unified look of his rig and kit, way happy outlook (he was waving and hollering) and cleanliness, I'm guessing he just began what is likely to be a very interesting summer experience.  Maybe you should, too.

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