Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hump Bike June 1, 2011

Today's Humpbike, Puch, is a fine piece of Austro construction circa 1980. Puch, Astro-Daimler, and Steyr were the popular brands of the late 1970's. Puch made mopeds and BMX bikes at the time like these:
Today's Humpbike is a low end racer, what used to be called a "club racer." It has a high quality Reynolds 531 frame with mediocre components, though in the style of a high end bike.  Probably about $350 new.

Pristine Weinneman Centerpulls

Large Flange Normandy hubs ooo, la la

27 in Weinneman Rims

The vaunted 531 sticker jacked by a ham fisted mechanic and a Park stand

A very proprietary housing guide

Sakae stem and bar, almost as good as Nitto

Charmalux seatpost England????

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