Thursday, June 9, 2011

Always a fan

NWD has consistently brought out the best and most progressive freeride videos over the past decade or so, largely due to their affiliation with Wade "The Godfather of Freeride" Simmons and a other shore riders and builders.

NWD 10 - Greatest Hits Teaser from on Vimeo.

Also, its hard to ignore the significance of Jed Mildon's Triple back flip on a bike. These super ramp tricks are out of hand.

If you notice, in the video, there is a large air bag after the exit ramp.  This innovation has rapidly increased the development of new tricks in many action sports.  I tried an airbag at Sea Otter and loved it:

Ken and Dave of Camp of Champions were gracious hosts, but Justin Wyper outdid them by allowing me to ride his bike the second day. Although I did not get to ride the Killswitch, the Black Market hardtail was very flickable, encouraging me to try my first back flip.  These devices take it up a notch.  Thanks to Justin Wyper,  a sick f***, and COC.

Justin Wyper on

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