Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hump Bike June 22, 2011-Black and Scary, not in a good way

If someone owed you $500 for rent, would you forgive it for this:

Can you imagine the tennant.  I have a penchant for black bikes, maybe that's why it's here.  It's certainly not because of these mystery brakes.

Oh maybe it was the Steampunk fork.

Fetish, a Scottsdale AZ company, offers a wide variety of aluminum frames with funny shaped tubes, the wesite's a bit out of date, though it does feature some of their attractive carbon bikes, as well. Cockpit is suspect for so many reasons:

These cranks always seemed to hold up:

But sittin' outside and gettin' rusty along with questionable assembly techniques with carbon and aluminum (sometimes mixed) parts will get you a serious case of the creaks.  It,s so bad it,s hard to know where to start. How else would some treat a bike that gets traded for rent?

Just in case you forget:

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