Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 15, 2011 Hump Bike-a crushing machine sent out to pasture

If you know me, you likely know this bike, as it has been my primary steed for more than a decade.  It is a Black Sz. L Specialized Big Hit Pro, circa 2001(Legendary, if you believe what they say).  For awhile, the word on the Shore was that these were the only frames that lasted. Never have changed a pivot bearing, still no play. Monocoque hydroformed front end with meters of clean weld bead. Built up custom from a frameset, it is black.

Sure, it's a 24 inch rear wheel, but look at that 3.0 tire.  This tire has inspired much tire envy:

Original crank and bashguard!!!!!, Other than the frame, part of King headset and various brake parts that's about all of the original. How about that heel rub, chain slap, bashing wear: solid:

Okay, so this the fourth fork (!) on this bike the prior three Super T's snapped, jumping and parking garages are hard on forks. This is an Italian 66, beat, 'cause its been ridden. Never have opened it up.

King SteelSets cure problems associated with crushing it all the time and head tubes.  It was super harrrrrd to install, and it worked.

Also included, disposable cockpit controls. Gears and brakes are overrated. Who cares?, it all gets shredded. Freeride!

Okay so this bike probably cost me $3K, with another $2K invested over 10+ years of riding and primary crushing. A dozen plus Porkys, Little Cottonwood's and the Mushroom Drop many times.$500 per crushing year is pretty much a bargain when the same time period would include nearly 20 breaks (bones).  Thanks Big S.  Now it goes out to pasture for more sending on Oregon trails from Junior.

(Click that pic, it's clicked!)

Thank you, killing machine, for the decade of crushing good times.

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