Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hump Bike-Some bikes say a lot about their owners, everything...why not

At first glance you might notice it is black, a good start.  Also, there's a certain something about it's stance and accessorization:

Mmmmm, so much blackness, such rakish angles. The seat mast area is a very interesting combination of comfort, lightweight and convenience:

It's a street sweeper.  These tires would be sick on slickrock, as well.

All bikes with King headsets are special, unless you're at Interbike, where only most are special. This bike's front end kills potholes:

Sure the bike, as shown, thus far, exhibits a certain noir panache, but here is the coup de grace (must be late June... TDF I'm ready, Schlecks are you?...not):

Okay folks, there's a lot going on here: Iphone mount, bar end socks, ergon grips, a mirror and a computer mount. Realitively short (Thomsen) stem and many spacers.

So in the lineup this is the guy all in black, maybe wearing white shoes (cause of their "barefoot" action), he's about 6' 5" (that and the gadget fascination tell us its a guy), late 50's ish (stem and spacers-bad back), talking on an Iphone, probably wearing glasses (the mirror), no messenger bag (rack), maybe an engineer, engineering teacher...who rides this sick bike every chance he gets. Say the phrase, "black anodized hydroformed aluminum," and see who jumps.

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