Tuesday, February 28, 2012

That Web We Weave

If you're here at Spoke(n), you're probably virtually biking on a number of sites. In fact, you're probably the owner of a rich virtual personality.  Effective March 1, Google is switching up its privacy policy in order to make it easier for advertisers to market to you.  If you want to avoid this tracking, follow these simple steps (Click on an image to enlarge). First,  go to the tool box in the upper right hand corner of your Google App.; choose "Settings" from the menu:

Next, choose the "Acconts and Import" tab; move down to "Change account settings" and click on "Other Google Account settings":

Now,  choose "Go to web history" from the Services section:

At this point you will again be asked to enter your user name and password:

Finally, click on the box that says "Remove all Web History" which will also "Pause" the collection of website visitation data:

There, you are now more private. Should you ever need those customized ads back, just click on "Resume."

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Anonymous said...

Very helpful. Thanks!