Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Interbike Indoor 5-Unique and extraordinary moments

This was found lurking in a dark corner

Yes, Circulus, which Fahzure discovered almost immediately, and promptly asked to ride.  I think I was the second one to sign the waiver.  Why wouldn't you pounce on this?  Interbike is full of these unique and extraordinary experience moments, if you ask for them.  Unfortunately for Fahzure, these guys Jeremy Powers and Tim Johnson had to ride first:

Although there is no photographic evidence, Geneo will attest to the fact that I was the second to ride the Sh*tbike on the Circulus and would have been the first had he taken me up on my offer to a round of mumbleypeg.  I have only this to remember it by:

I think that these guys interpreted Circulus in a very Hank III kind of way:

Repeated texts to the Reverend with  Circulus meet ups were unheaded; I went looking for the Reverend and other things. Mixie, mini fixed, was the hottest spot during the show.  Something like the '93 SIA show when snowboarding hit: the aisles were chokin', gals were smokin', reps and customers tokin', business was stokin', presentation and display, token, natty rhymes and lines were Spoke(n).

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