Tuesday, February 14, 2012

And, just like that, it is Spring (Coil, of couse)

I'm not really sure that winter happened in Yewtah, because without snow and with high temperatures, it has seemed like a constant March. Ghetto foam pit in December, I-Street broken collar bone in January and, now, all the whispers of spring on the bicycle interweb: energy returning to the system.

My first inkling of the shift came in the form of bike job postings. Fahzure gets a fair amount of this material through the bicycle list serves that clutter the in box.  ThinkTank, the community bicycle shop list serve, is one of the more useful. Looking to make a career of the bike industry and feel better about the people you assist? You could get a job at a community bike shop in Vermont, New York, Santa Barbara or Minnesota.

Want to make a difference for riders on the Yewtah scene?  The Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective needs volunteers to get bikes ready for the Spring crush. Or, you could get on with the newly forming South Salt Lake Bicycle Advisory Committee (contact Dave at MBAC) or attend the Utah Bicycle Summit.

Another sure sign of Spring comes from Dirty, taking the pulse of the bicycle interweb constantly, who noticed the bike crazies are out. As I've mentioned before, AC/DC and bike tricks go together like...well...AC/DC and bike tricks. All Mary Bar comments aside, as the Revy will tell you, the "run what you brung" ethos is tremendously appealing to Fahzure. Now you know why there's a Mixte on the masthead:

Down in Moab, spring is always early...like now. As is a tradition, the Poison Spider Thaw is happening March 2-4, a great opportunity to ride the latest from Yeti, Kona and Niner for FREE (FREE T-shirt and a gals day, even).  With Yeti Joe and Schwilly  down there, it's sure to be a good time.

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