Monday, February 27, 2012

You Must Choose-Shuttle It

If you hadn't guessed, Fahzure is pro-choice on most everything. With a little nod to the fact that we must all get along on this blue rock, choice is specific dendritic change that keeps us all a little interesting. Chogyam Trungpa, found the truest change to arise almost instantaneously, first choice, best choice. JC Crawford claimed it only takes 5 seconds to decide whether you will be part of problem or part of the solution:

So, we're lookin' for a testimonial, a solution, a vehicle to get you to your nirvana. This week's You Must Choose is that vehicle that get's you there. From the Kid in D'Hall we have this quandary: What's the best shuttle vehicle?

Like a dentist needs a luxury kruatwagon to parade $10k bicycles on top of to club rides, we need to get to the trailhead and run shuttles. Aside from the ubiquitous Tacomas and Fundras with Moto Metal wheels populating trailhead parking lots, there's a plethora of vehicles to move your buddies around the mountain. But, what's the best setup?

The road isn’t always paved, so rigs need to be stout enough to haul at least four cronies (the more the merrier) and gear without blowin' a tire or requiring expensive maintenance. Most important though may be gas mileage, as fuel prices are posed to break five bucks this summer. So let's hear it, is the best shuttle rig an over-loaded, fuel-sipping Toyota pa-pirus, a four seater side-by-side with a custom four-pack rack, or is it a six door F350? Consideration given for hauling capacity, fuel mileage, and individuality.

(You Must Choose is your chance to answer this week's most pressing cycling question and experience the opinions of insightful readers, industry insiders, and the knoby-tire know-it-alls that make up beSpoke(n). Check back Friday to find out if you are in the know or, in the no. Have  a suggestion for a "Question of the Week"? Send an email to Thanks to the Kid in D'Hall for makin' this happen.


reverend dick said...

What the?!

The best shuttle vehicle?

Your bike, bros. Ride to the ride.

Brian said...

Swiss surplus Pinzgauer. Simple 4-banger engine, massive ground clearance, can ford rivers a foot and a half deep, climb 45 degree slopes, and has a shitload of room for people, bikes, and all the beer anyone could drink.