Thursday, February 9, 2012

Trick, Tricks of the Year

It's sort of unbelievable but, every year, sees new bike tricks, expanding the horizon of what is possible.  Most of them come from the free BMX realm, where tricks are the game. Some Tricks of the Year are athletic and boundary pushing like Spinner's 2006 360 TripWhip:

Other TotYs are style defining, attainable yet elusive; true inspiration to every rider. Vic Murphy's tabletops,especially the curb cut-type, seen in Eddie Roman's 1992 vid Ride On:

Others are big, like Wade Simmons Marzocchi road gap:
Photo by John Gibson

This year's TotY comes courtesy of Harry Main who has been perfecting the flair (corked backflip?) drop over the past year.  Recently, he took it to new lower levels...Trick of the Year: 

2011 was a very good year for Harry Main:

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