Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hump Bike-The Daily Bird

 With M.I.A. and Adele flipping the bird at everyone, Fahzure decided to jump on the bandwagon and flips this bird at you. This bird is almost as utilitarian as the gesture but, leaves you with a totally different vibe. It's a warm, fuzzy, knowing feel. Deep love and appreciation for being a daily servant, hardly the impetuousness of those other flippin' birds. I present a magnificent bird, a Heron, crafted in the great lakes and ridden daily (yes that is a perfect duct tape light battery mount):
This bike is a crusher, designed for comfort and convenience.  Wide crown fork and seat stays make room for fat tires and fenders.  The seat stays are noticeably spread at the cluster:
Ultegra triple, and Molly Hatchet MKS pedals, why not:

Said fork crown, IRD cantis and American Classic Wheels which were, both, remarkably, hammered and remarkably, true; pretty light and smooth rolling, too:
Cloisonne style headtube badge, the pic doesn't do justice:
Fat tires: why would anyone, other than a racer, ride less than 25C? For Fahzure, 28C makes the road feel newly paved and eliminates pinch flats; turns are dreamy, too.  According to the owner, this Panaracer Ruffy-Tuffy ,like many others, went years without flatting:
The Heron brand is back, though now out of the Waterford stable and with Bicycle Classics, where you can get the original Bennotto "Cello" tape in pink for just $6.

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