Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tree of Bike

Sometimes two great ideas come together, often times in my mind, without a notion of what the combo might lead to.  Other folks, more dedicated and passionate about the combo have, almost invariably gotten there first.  I find great joy in discovering other's spin on a combo.  Today's combo "tree" and "bike." Like so:
Inspiration for Berkeley Breathed's Red Ranger Came Calling.

Maybe you need your own bike tree ($50...amazing what kids in China chained to tables can turn out).  Sure if you're in Portland, the combo is obvious.  You could have your Christmas Tree delivered by bike (maybe, live trees for 2012, but they assure Fahzure that Portland's green waste program means that your browning totem will get composted).  The rootsy riders at Tree Bicycle Co. from Missouri have been building innovative parts for BMX like Cro-Mo chainrings and knee-friendly collet stems:

Innovative products seem to spur innovative riding. From Derek Nelson (spectacular!):

Tree Summer 2011: Derek Nelson from Tree Bicycle Co. on Vimeo.

Big Tree Bikes in Seattle likes this:

And, as if you didn't need more evidence, bike thieves are idiots, ignorant of the importance of both trees and bikes:

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