Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hump Bike-Punkbike, so fun

Some bikes and bike-like devices are so novel that one can't help but want to try one.  At Interbike each year all sorts of freaky inventions are lurking in the New Exhibitors Pavilion (aka Basement).  If only there was a pool, I would have tried this one for sure:

Inventist, the company marketing this device, has several alternate conveyance devices: swerver skates,  Segway-type unicycles and Stepsters (The Revy's "Striderbike" inexpensive cousin).  This type of company is great, making fun inexpensive consumer goods that keep folks active.  Repeat that mantra as we progress.

You can imagine my joy, when I discovered this gem sitting in a corner at the Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective:
Total hooey handlebar but, dual suspendy with trick band brake on cast aluminum wheels:

Handlebar replaced for greater stability:

With Fahzure on injured reserve, it was up to Tyson to send it (nice!):

Flo was turning in fast laps on a tight course:

Riding different bikes is fun!

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