Thursday, September 15, 2011

Interbike Demo Days

The Interbike Demo days of years past have usually been a fight to stay hydrated and skin cancer free, without a single tree at the Boulder City venue.  This year, with its earlier scheduling, appeared likely to be an even greater scorcher.  The Surly folks kept everyone cool:

 While the first day was a little cooler than anticipated, the dusty patina on us all suggested a trip to Lake Mead.  Unfortunately, Dirty Biker the Right Reverend and Craig took off in their hotrod Cadillac so Dirty and I missed their prime (?) spot, locating an even more prime spot, ourselves.  Cloudy night, lightening in the distance, and blood sugar debt made the whole experience surreal and bewildering.

Day two started out cloudy and became rainy.  For a bit, it looked as though it would be a washout.  One local said that the Las Vegas area gets only 2 inches of precip per year; we saw most of that.  Then unbelievably, as several vendors were packing up, the rain stopped.  Lets go riding! Don't forget your helmet:

The Rt. Reverend was on some sort of bent wanting to race "Strider" bikes, as he put them.  After ascertaining that he was NOT talking about the balance bike gizmos...and refusing to race those, we ended up at the Rev's "Strider" bike booth:
I think he liked the adjustable length cranks:
These Eliptigo skooters were expensive, slow, a bit dangerous and noisy, a feature (?) which the rep. was happy to "explain the science" of.  I was angry at these wastes of time, taking out my (deserved) frustration on the Rev.  He went and found love from some other big galoot:

This fine Alaskan camper was the site of many a danky and Dirty moment...thanks Alaskan!:
The Greatest Bus Driver Ever got us back to LV efficiently, giving us enough time to eat Ethiopian, race go-karts and visit Larry's girls.  Now, we were fully prepared for a day indoors.

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