Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Interbike Indoor 2-Some Really (really) Cool Stuff

While Fahzure does appreciate all of the novelty acts in Vegas (the Revvy and I did try to see Bridget the Midget...Revvy, you have got to get your stuff straight otherwise its a nonstop goose chase...Strider!), there are some real gems at the show.  Here are a few:
Moulton stainless steel space frame dually:
 Moulton stainless steel NOT space frame dually:
 Copenhagen Parts Handlebasket:

Bonelocker super secure hitch mount bike rack:

Fahzure used to have a pair of Pitbulls, which work way better than studs, but these Slipnot chains come in 26" and 29" sizes and are width adjustable via a turnbuckle, which also means you don't have to remove the tire for installation:

A rubber chicken is always good for a laugh, in this case, a well placed one by the Revvy gets you a t-shirt, as well:

These sweet little Ti toeclips from Ron Andrews at King Cage were Best of Show material, so little material and so strong and so light.  Almost makes me want to ride clips, again.  No word on an XL model:
Ron also makes chainguards in Ti, stainless and galvy (for the truly HVAC look):


reverend dick said...

I barely remember the chicken. Druuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunk. I do remember the turnbuckle.

Though I'd still opt for sheet metal screws and thick layers of duct tape.

Fahzure said...

Yeah, I think that was like 11am...the whole WTB Pathways "incident" left you that freaked out, huh?

Chained tires actually roll, even on pavement. And, switching them up is way easier than changing a tire.

reverend dick said...

Freaked out? No. Distancing myself from the train wreck.