Tuesday, September 27, 2011

SSSSS-Super Sick Sending Sunday, with Stacy

You my recall that Fahzure has predicted that mountain bike parks are the future of cycling.  Their ability to make fun for a wide variety of ages and abilities make them much like ski areas, complete with the lodge scene, though often relocated to the parking lot. Well,  the Wasatch front has been missing out on the bike park innovation for a few years with resorts slow to hop on board with served mountain biking and even slower to develop freeride trails.  This year, despite a late start, the Canyons has stepped it up and open real bike park style trails ($15 Lift Tickets!...next weekend is end of season).

Good rides often start with friends in the parking lot:

Although, there were long lines, I was fortunate to drop right in behind some Posse members and right next to Stacy.  You remember Stacy, who smoked Dirty in a throwdown DH race at Deer Valley in front of the Backcountry.com crew, don't you?:
The long lines made the trail that much more tasty, once rolling:
The crue (as we've been named) rolling the intermediate line:
Tice, first day back, pretty much, satellite out:
Classic Fahzure style off the big step down:
Tice big stepdown:
Little and big stepdown options.  Look ma, no hands:
No footer with partial crue watching:
Dishing it:

For some reason, almost nobody noticed the skills park, complete with wood chip stepup/ghetto foam pit.  Fahzure tried spinning threes and nailed crank flips:
Flo airing through the skills park on his way to the woodchip stepup:
Pavel has put together a nice vid of the day:
On the way down, through cellular magic, I spoke to Dirty, letting him know that I was sure to see his arch-nemesis, and what message should I deliver.  He claimed to have just podiumed at a race in CA (SS 29er) and is heading to St. George next weekend to ride, all-comers invited.  So, down in the parking lot,  I let Stacy know this and she was doubly surprised: 1. they have a class for those kind of bikes (no 26ers allowed?); 2. she also will be in St. George next weekend, for a wedding, and will be bringing her all-mountain bike.  So Dirty, here you go:

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