Saturday, September 24, 2011

Interbike Indoor 3-Awkward Moments

So where last we left it, the Revvy and I had worn out our welcome at Slipnot, Kingcage and WTB Freedom and the Revvy had taken off with another green giant of the show, Ms. Soulcraft:
Which left Mr. Soul(craft) and I standing around awkwardly...better talk bikes.  As you may know, Soulcraft is one of the most experienced of the second generation mtb handbuilders with ties to Bruce Gordon and roots at Salsa, where Mr. Soul(craft) was in charge of building some 10,000 Salsa stems, you probably have one. Soulcraft frames feature the same precision mitering and tig welding honed on those stems, available in all sorts of wheel size configurations. Coming full circle, Soulcraft is now doing full custom tigged cromo stems featuring Paragon bits.:
                                                       Photo: CRC Hurl
They also make the best single speed tension converter on the planet, the Convert:
 Hey if they're good enough to build a frame for Evgeni Plushenko maybe they're good enough for you. After all this Soul, Fahzure was eager to find some other prime goods.  Where's the Duke?!?! Well you may remember from Spoke(n)'s OR coverage that 5.10 has come out with what promises to be the hottest shoe of 2012, the Duke.  This guy, a big galoot named Kevin (!), was surely accommodating to my enthusiasm for the Duke and suggested that I let Chuckie C. know of my need: 
 Ladies and gentlemen, the Duke (Budweiser courtesy of King Cage):
According to legend, Chuckie C will be flying back 2 pair, size 13 back from Asia on his next get, for Fahzure to test and appreciate.  Look for the report. Certain that I lost the Revvy, I proceeded to his likely lair, the Surly booth which featured Pugsleys, or were they Moonlanders, on log rollers.  SLC represent!:

This guy is the real champion, someone throw a beer to (at) him:
The Revvy was not be found, but Big Galoot bikes were. Fahzure rode these at the Demo and they are super fun, love the tire roar in compressions:

I saw this guy trying to make a quick exit and decided to follow:
Where did he me lead me?:

The Revvy trying to start a fight about the lack of beer stops at SSWC (in Ireland!).

Stay tuned for more Interbike coverage, including Circulus!

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