Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hump Bike-Getting back on the horse

Sometimes when a big event happens it can be disruptive to the normal routine.  Here at Spoke(n) the routine was interrupted by the loss of a great friend.  But, it's important to keep on riding no matter what the present and future seem to hold. I imagine that's about the same sentiment going around the Klien (by then Trek) offices when they introduced the model that is today's Humpbike.

You might remember the Mantra, a high pivot URT, with a high failure rate and rear suspension that only worked while in the saddle and raked out the front end under compression.  Maybe you'd like to forget it.  Klien certainly wanted to forget and jumped on board with Maverick's (yep, they're still around...did Spot know what kind of warranty shit pile they were stepping into when they assumed operations?) semi-URT, semi-Idrive design with the Palamino. Not as burly as a Maverick, the Palomino was meant to appeal to the marathon rider types:

 Cockpit with dual control levers, a nightmare just a few years out when everything gets worn and sticky, especially when combined with that low-normal derailleur?  

Turner-esque stamped and curved gussets:

Oops, forgot about that pesky disc brake mount; we'll just drill the dropout and bolt something on (unbraced for maximum flex):

There it is, the Monolink, upgradeable fro Maverick if you still ride one of these.  Seattube angle? Who cares?:

Headtube wide in the center...because?:

I have mixed emotions about this "Bicyclebungee," basically a dog leash in a carbon fiber box.  Yes, I see it's utility: uphill tandem for differently abled riders; downhill solo.  Light, retractable, nice hooked end and elastomeric action.  On sale for $100 off regular price; now only $220 (US)!:

Get on your horse and ride!

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