Monday, September 19, 2011

A Send(ing) Off for the Chowdah Fam

You may have seen zen master papa Chowdah around Spoke(n) before and recognized just how core he has been to our scene around here. Well Chowdah, Momma M and Little N have decided to move almost to Canada, heck they're even bringing Sister L, so we decided to throw a party.  The first part of any good party is to build a trail (at Broniel's, of course), nice work Flo.:

Next ride bikes:
Fahzure had to get some:

Then comes a fire:

And, after everybody is well satiated, leave it to the kids (Griffy) to rip it in the dark:

Thanks Broniel, you're a real great host.  Love to the Chowdah fam, SLC will miss you.

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