Friday, March 2, 2012

The Choice Is Yours- Best MTB Shuttle Vehicles

The Choice Is Yours-our weekly feature where we take the best responses from Monday's You Must Choose and polish 'em up to show off. Monday we asked for your opinion on what the nastiest MTB DH Freeride bike shuttle vehicle is. Here are some of your answers with a little analysis by Fahzure and Rolling ( Kid in D') Hall:
Suggested by: Brian
Why it's a worthy shuttle vehicle:

Brian sums it up pretty good, "Swiss surplus Pinzgauer. Simple 4-banger engine, massive ground clearance, can ford rivers a foot and a half deep, climb 45 degree slopes, and has a shitload of room for people, bikes, and all the beer anyone could drink." All those reasons alone make it worthy enough for us. Here's one for sale priced less than your brah's lifted Toy' with Moto Metal wheels. Yes, you're losing some creature comforts and MPG's are going to be questionable but, you're gaining trailhead envy -- and for that reason we can see ourselves running shuttles up Grafton in a Pinzgauer.

Suggested by: Reverend Dick
Why it's a worthy shuttle vehicle:

A nod of the helmet goes to the Rev, for our first shuttle-vehicle suggestion, and most efficient one -- a bicycle. While it is possible to complete rides like The Whole Enchilada without a shuttle, it's not something we're going to add onto the ol' bucket list any time soon. Rather, like the Rev and others on Fahzure's bachelor ride, a more realistic freerider would say that taking one of multi-reniasance man Jesse Marshall's Franken-bus's to the top and enjoying the ride down with long travel sleds, is more like it.

The Minivan
Suggested by: Rolling Hall
Why it's a worthy shuttle vehicle:

The Minivan with two in the front five in the back, is the mullet of vehicles. Your GF might not like it, but we do … for its capacity. You can find a running one for less than a new triple clamp fork and given their boxy shape you'll have room to move bodies up the mountain. Avoid car-based ones if you don't want to drag the rear bumper and struggle up passes.  The Astro/Safari twins, come in all-wheel and have an EPA ratting 16/23mpg, and its low-profile soccer-mom stigma will help keep the boys in blue of your back. 

Ford Excursion
Suggested by: WakiPaki
Why it's a worthy shuttle vehicle:

Surprisingly no one mentioned a Ford Raptor, instead we got a nomination for the Excursion over Barley sodas at the local watering hole. His reasons: comfortable leather seating for seven, V10 or diesel power, and room for bikes and gear. Sounds luxurious. But, we hear the blue oval is introducing a $4K Kashima coated option for the Fox-suspended Ford Raptor next year. Maybe that'd change the WakiPaki's flavor.

Suggested by: Busti
Why it's a worthy shuttle vehicle:

The Mega Cab can hold a mega shit-ton of gear, and with a Cummins engine as an option it flirts with 20mpg's, especially if you Yewtah Edge it. Not bad. What is bad is paying for major repairs like injectors. What is good is the option to belch dinosaurs, and for that reason we can see ourselves running a Megacab up the pass in Jackson Hole.

Suggested by: Marac
Why it's a worthy shuttle vehicle:

As a professional driver, Gisto Marac, is likely to go with the purpose-built choice which comfortably fits 15 and bikes with the Moabesque roof rack, and has as much power as any of other choices. Why take two vehicles when you can take a whole Posse in one. Not having compromise every other choice is just an alternative to the obvious winner. As a total fantasy, Marac notes that if your posse is slightly smaller (say, 8), you might consider a  Sportsmobile Chinook Baja,  $150,000, which also makes it versatile for those weekend getaways with the sweetie:

Looks like the van that wallet can best afford, takes the day.

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