Thursday, March 29, 2012

For $1,600, Fish On.

By: Rolling Hall

Two Hump Bikes ago we asked if you'd kick down the coin to ride a vintage Giant; and 'Friends with Benefits' took the majority vote. Sufficient for careless socializing or a good romping when the SO's being a crazy ass bitch, the Red Sled would make a legit addition to any two-wheeled horde. Today's Hump Bike keeps the rigid and Taiwan-built theme rolling, but is its asking price too fishy?

Fishers have a rich history of clever marketing and bold claims, and today's fully customized, used Trek Bicycle Corporation Gary Fisher Collection Sawyer (really Trek, really?) embodies just that. Fisher once claimed to have invented the mountain bike and pushed hard for acceptance, even going so far as to falsify a build:
"…Gary Fisher paraded a bike that he claimed was the first mountain bike, but it was easy for Frank Berto to show that many of the components were not yet available when the bike supposedly was built. Gary Fisher admitted that it was a replica loosely based on the long-lost original…"
He did start a company called MountainBikes, and he was part of an off-road cycling movement during the late 70's, but he did not invent the mountain bike.
A similar story goes for his brands marketing of 29er wheels. They were an early adopter, but by no means the first company to use 29in wheels. Their early marketing, however, would lead one to think otherwise. They did, in fact, ride the 29er wave like pros. Aside from failed, I'm-first claims, the Tweed Tool has contributed to putting mountain bikes into the hands of countless riders. For that we're forever grateful and today's Hump Bike continues to do just that.
Looking to cash in on niche styles, the Sawyer sports the clean lines of a NAHBS piece and early mountain bikes, but forgoes the progressive, passionate, and hard work of custom builders in favor of cheap Taiwan labor. Like mainstream fixters, the Sawyer looks to prey on PBR-fanboys. Tatt's? Check. Cool facial hair? Check. Custom, hand-built mountain bike … no? Well, check off that box with this 'custom' Sawyer!
So, what makes this mass produced mountain bike custom? It appears this Fisher's been the fine recipient of some bolt-on upgrades -- qualifying it as custom. (We were hoping for some custom, trippy paint … but, we'll have to keep wishing.) According to our seller, Bontrager-branded DT Swiss wheels, XT drivetrain components, and a Ti Brooks saddle make this Sawyer custom.
It's pretty apparent the seller fell victim to the shiny bits under the glass counter at the Bike Shoppe, like a large mouth falls victim to a spinner. The seller doesn't state why the Sawyer's being returned to the pond -- only that it has about 50 miles on it. Maybe the missus didn't like the tatt's and soul patch, or the sleeveless flannel and cut-off jeans rubbed him the wrong way on the first ride.

Either way you can purchase a Trek Bicycle Corporation Gary Fisher Collection Sawyer with a warranty for $1540 from a Trek Concept Store or catch this 'custom' Sawyer for $1600. So, what do you think, is the seller a master baiter? Or, is this a fish that's worth riding?

Let us know if you think:

 something's fishy … I'm not going down on that.


Reel it in, she's a keeper.

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cramitsucko said...

He put a bell on it, that's why it's 1600.