Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hump Bike- Sled Sled

You may have seen this bike out on the Utah DH race series, or maybe up at the Canyons, or over in Boulder City doin' some preseason tuning but, you were probably most likely to see this bike on the Bobsled.  It's owner, Demi, is an Aves local who likes to send it. Look for this aqua and white flash as you carve the sled this spring.

So this sled is a Yeti 303 DH v1, I have to put the v1 there because v2, in carbon, even, is due out soon.  The v2 bike is totally different. This 303 is a sled with its shock rate entirely linear. No rocker arm, swing link, or arcing frame member controls the shock:

Rather, the shock is driven by this shuttle and rail system in line with the spring. Pure linear.  Want to know what a coil spring feels like? Ride this bike:

BB and head angle are adjustable via the lower shock mount.  Lots of hydroformed and machined aluminum. Interesting mounting blocks that connect the swingarm to the shock driver:

Triangulated swingarm and shock driver assembly. Code brake and DT Swiss wheel are strong and reliable:

Lookin at the cockpit, it is wide and low, kids these days.  The Fox 40 in white nicely compliments the white rear triangle:

This sticker says something about all-moutain use only:  Being the favored child, Demi gets special stickers and mods:

Sram, DT Swiss hubs, corncob cassette and giant rotor, must be a DH bike:

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