Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Flippin' Bicycles

You've got to love bike flips.  As you may recall, Fahzure made his first attempt at a backflip at the Sea Otter, where Camp of Champions was running an airbag.  While it did not end in a successful backflip, the experience has gotten me on a flippin kick.  Most of you have seen backflips, front flips and double backflips, and in that recent post the first bicycle triple back flip.  There are other kinds of bike flips, like this one street style:

And this, stylish street bike flip:

You can even design a mechanism to make your bike flippable anywhere (watch out for traffic, steering a 7 foot diameter train wheel on asphalt is difficult):

Or you could learn how to flip anything like this guy:

But my favorite bike flip as of late has got to be this one:

Morgan Wade - Trixionary - Bike Flip
Tags: Morgan Wade - Trixionary - Bike Flip

 How do you flip your bike?

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