Monday, July 18, 2011

Arcylon-like Legoland for freeriders

You may not have heard of Arcylon before, but you probably use Acrylon everyday.  ABS plastic (Acrylon) known for it's use in Drain-Waste-Vent pipes, kitchen appliances and Lego bricks is one of the most popular consumer plastics. Road To Arcylon, on the other hand, is another (see, Trailside; Trailside Redux) of the Snyderville Basin Recreation Department's works.  Bob Radke and the folks at WAFTA led the efforts here. 

There is a longish ascent and traverse of Gorgoza Park, around private property to the freeride stash:

The sign says 6 inches of travel required.

Not really needed for this fun rolly stuff:

Or even the gaps, ('cept for the one at the bottom with a flat landing, can you say stone bruise):

This combo is fun and flowy.  Tyson's first attempt.

These guys trained it:

Everybody seems to have a good time at bike parks. This guy had cool (or maybe hot) shin guards:

All-in-all this is a super place for intermediate-expert riders to have fun and build skills.  Kind of the Lego version of the big trails: Teton Pass, Winter Park, Silverton and Whistler. It would be great for kids, though the long grunt up is likely to demoralize most.  Can't wait for optional freeride moves on the way back down Gorgoza Park; it sure would make the trek more worthwhile and minimize some potential user conflict.

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