Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jackson Hole Send(off)ing

Well if you haven't been to Jackson Hole recently, and I hadn't, you really ought to go.  In addition to the general northern Rockies beauty, the folks at Teton Freedom Riders have been doing the hard work of making super sick free ride trails. But first we had other obligations.  You see, our friend Dusty is getting ready to make the make the leap with the wonderful K....  We had to celebrate the event as guys like us do.  First a long drive (Bunny at the wheel):

 To a beautiful campsite off of Teton Pass:

Combined, we had many big bikes:

And, a few more svelte ones:

We stopped by the Jackson Hole Resort's new freeride park which was FREE and fun but the lines were long and no shade.  Lot's of happy riders out:

Thanks largely to efforts of Jorino and Mo, we ate like kings.  Even the locals treated us royally by dropping off a fresh batch of fire scar morels:

Here's a camp food innovation I'd never tried, boil in bag omlettes (double bag it):

Rather than fried, the eggs are poached, creating a velvety soft texture. Yum.  Great sunsets.

A fireside party.

Nighttime danger: 5 gallons of boiling hot oil in the middle of a beetle-eaten forest, what could go wrong?

In Mo's capable and experienced hands, nothing.  Do not do this with a frozen turkey. Oh yeah, we rode crazy banked and gappy jump trails.  Only Tyler was able to put together every move, props!  We didn't stop much for pics, here are a few:

                                                                    Pic by Chowder, Rider-Fahzure
This rock drop doesn't look all that big:

                                          Pic by Dusty, Rider-Fahzure
 Until you put Bunny in for scale:

                                          Pic by Dusty, rider-Tyson
We happily sent Dusty down the trail of partnership, which we're sure will entail just as many fun and difficult twists and turns as Fuzzy Bunny, Jimmy's Mom and Parallel.  You two rip it up!  Since we didn't stop much for pics or vid, here's one from Utah ripper Eric Porter on the same trails:

Riding Teton Pass with Eric Porter from justin olsen on Vimeo.

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