Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hump Bike-A Dealer Camp Find, Innovation for Innovation's Sake

 You may have seen the previous  post where I mentioned a Best of Show bicycle collaboration between Twin Six and Handsome.  This guy:
Yes, this guy:

William Matheson made this bike for the Austin Handbuilt show:

The nickle plated steel tubes are svelte and have a soft, Ti look.  The top tube is a bonded carbon tube.  Single speed (?) or geared. I really wanted to love this bike but the central technological feature is an arcing shock driver path that would seem to be largely, falling rate (combined with a coil?).  How about making it rising rate (like 6-3 o'clock); or slightly falling then rising for a super squish machine (7:30-4:00) with big drop potential:
Altogether, it seemed like a lot of work in order to overcome the single pivot limitations(?) on shock rate. Nonetheless, William Matheson, craftsman, has created a unique bike whose technology we look forward to seeing further developed.

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