Friday, July 8, 2011

Trailside Redux-Mini ripping is fun!

In our last Trailside report you got an overview of the site and a report on the scene (it seems as though Bender is a regular, lately). Spoke(n)'s more recent visits have focused on the mini-ripper aspect, cause Fahzure's been rolling with one of his mini-rippers, Q. For a variety of reasons, unrelated to Fahzure, Q has had limited trail time.  He also charges shit.  This combination is an opportunity for great advancement or great pain. Listen up folks, pushing your kids physically (as in a long ride) is not the same as getting them hurt.  Once hurt, they quit riding, so pad them up with plenty of plastic and foam.

Ugggh, his bike is lying on the drive side, we'll have to have a talk about this.  The falling/injury thing is especially important when teaching kids (anyone) how to ride a bike.  Don't let them fall until they've gotten the aha balance moment. Q, fell a few times, he didn't care, but all his pads were scuffed pretty good. So what's going to cause a mini ripper to fall.  Too much fun on Aidan's trail, for instance:

At the bottom it goes into the mini skills zone with a pump track a bit further down:

I showed Summit County's finest, who were out on "training," how to pump the track. They were out in force and observed carefully my technique, only one of them tried the pump track.

The rest left quickly for the Rails to Trails trail:

Q and I had so much fun "training" that we're going back againbut first this weekend in Jackson Hole which is opening their own bike park this weekend.

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