Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hump Bike-A Utah trained Jedi

Ben Craner is a Utah pro kind enough to let us show off his sick homeslice Canfield Bros. Jedi rig.  You may know that both Lance and Chris are on injured reserve (see below), so Ben is out reppin' the product.  Orange links:

Coveted Enve carbon rims complete the homeschool ride:

Note the weld extensions to reduce stress risers! Titanium Jackshaft pulley, multiple shock rate positions, tweaked MRP, there's a lot going on here: 

Super top secret prototype pedals.  I don't know, they seem a bit pah, pah, pinner: 

Really? How about a 6mm thick pedal platform with all bearing(s) at the crank?  Can you say Dura-Ace AX?  More metal forging and welding:

I like this: weld it, gusset it, weld it again.  Light, three dimensional, showy:

The Canfield Bros. have been making kick-ass MTB bikes designed from their Utah and Colorado riding experience for more than a decade. They also make bikes in black with a skull head tube badge, what else do you want?

Chris' injury is super serious, breaks at the C5; C6 discs.  It is my understanding that the 5 pack on Jimmy's Mom at Teton Pass tripped him up. This stalwart of the Utah bike scene could use your help, please consider what you can do. Get well quickly Lance and Chris!

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