Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dealer Camp New Products Report 1-Ibis, Dakine, Cole, Easton

Dealer Camp is a bicycle retail trade show that takes place at the Deer Valley resort and offers plenty of opportunity to get a real feel for products.  The outdoor venue, copious demo fleets and adjacent lift served trails make for a casual, but informed atmosphere.  Seems like most everybody who was there really rides a lot.  Fahzure loves to ride, but is on injured reserve (scaphoid and rib) so is able to wear the reporter hat and get you the scoop on new goods.

First, Chuck's latest spew, the Ibis Mojo SL-R, a tricked out and lightened version of the Mojo SL, the SL-R features Maxle drops, larger tube profiles and a tapered headtube.  Frame weight, sz medium: 5lbs.  They are made using a secret sacrificial core process that results in optimal resin content and a minimum of seams in the layup schedule. Long awaited they will be available to consumers in about a month (place your order today!). For now, this is one of eight in existence, Marshall says it rides sweet:

New from Dakine is the Pace, a lightweight $65 short out of a breathable poly material:

I like this color/pattern which is featured in both the Prowess and Siren women's short:

Cole Wheels has, since its inception, designed wheels without J-bend spokes.  New this year, they've moved away from double threaded spokes, to headed straight pull spokes that interface with the hub through a barrel, which perfectly seats the spoke and transfers its angular pull on the hub. Also, straight pull spokes are easy come by:

The downhill hubs don't use the barrel spoke head seat technology, but they do look moto:

Also utilizing straight pull spokes, Easton continues to make a diverse line of tubeless ready wheelsets:

Easton has refined the line with full component offerings in each group. Their bars show different thicknesses and layup schedules depending on intended usage. Carbon EC70, Haven and Havoc; Aluminum Havocs, Top-Bottom:


Ali Goulet said...

just to be clear - Easton wheels are UST not "tubeless ready" - big difference

Fahzure said...

Thank you, Renaissance Man. Yes, UST meaning square bead seat and air-tight rim.