Saturday, July 2, 2011

TDF, yes, it's time the dopers lose, and we all support REAL athletes, like you

Bear with me a moment, and suspend whatever cycling/doping framework you have.  Let's talk about Jennifer Aniston.  Jennifer Aniston is sexy:

Not scary sexy like Heidi:

We all like to look at beautiful things:

It's extraordinary that something could be so perfect:

Which brings us Lance, Indurain and, now, Contador, the spitting image of perfection: smile, fully logoed, trademark salute:

In the real world, natural beauty Jennifer Aniston's are treated as bridesmades, never fulfilled, always yearning, jilted, alienated, second best.  Which brings us to this guy:

Why the perfect? Cause they have what you can buy.  See your local plastic surgeon, pharmacist, auto dealer, life coach.  On the other hand you can have what you can't buy: integrity, respect, humility, luck, (soon) the Maillot Jaune and a REAL hot bod. Just ask Cadel...hell yeah!

This guy is an anomaly:

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