Monday, August 1, 2011

The Question is Moot(s)-like dropping down a rabbit hole

Hey Moots: Time To Step It Up

Please view this first (featuring a young Julia Louis-Dreyfess!!!):

Fahzure had the opportunity to travel to the fine state of Colorado where everything is greener, despite the fact that they get less snow (ahh...hem).  Strawberry Park hot springs, an Apple Store and local bike builders, why would you ever leave? Steamboat is the land of Moots.  Why Moots?

The question is Moots, local builders (and their mortgages) are to be supported and they've been proudly representing for 30 years (token Erikson's to prove the point):

What about the janky YBB suspension which wears out, offers little adjustment and only a tiny bit of travel?

The question is Moots, who cares about suspension travel if you're a 50 something, east-coast transplant, operating a (fill in the blank, tourist-oriented retail establishment) with a trust fund.  You're planning to live until 100 (and won't be depending on SS to get you there); you need a dirt road bike so you can climb to 10,568 feet and keep your HR in the zone. You race Katie Compton 50 miles at altitude on Sunday:
 Click to enlarge and view stanchion wear.

What about that MARC (sorry to my friend Marc) suspension platform that often breaks and changes shock rate through seatstay bending. Even the factory description is indecipherable/oxymoronic... there I said it..."It almost feels like cheating after you cleaned the un-cleanable line you have always avoided around." It kind of resembles an early Trek Fuel with an Italian industrial aesthetic ala Modolo in the '80s?

The question is Moots, they needed to build it in-house and, as evidenced by their seatposts, mechanical function is secondary to the ability to use Ti. Did you say Modolo?:
Does the bottle squirt under full compression?...sexxy! Sorry, it doesn't ever really fully compress.

Okay, you Moots folks must have something in the works with half the town's youth (and their parents) headed to Sol Vista and Winterpark every weekend....what about Ti dirt jumpers for instance?

The question is Moots, Ti dirt jumper? Nahhhh. We might have to adjust our geometry and jigs. We're working on a new 4 inch (!) platform (which was described to me as "like a Specialized, except it's a single pivot" "WTF!" "Okay, it looks like a Specialized"), cause our trails aren't technically challenging (and we're keeping them that way) and so that those kids have something to ride when they turn 65 (by then, the new 50), according to this guy:
Who is a really nice guy with many unfortunate answers.

Steamboat is so good you never have to leave, unless you want a fun bike.

Disclaimer: This is a mountain bike focused blog, Ti road bikes, going back to the second gen Teledyne days, ride awesome.  Ti hard tails are great for their purposes, including: non-technical suffering, DJ and BMX.

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