Friday, August 19, 2011

Outdoor Retailer New Products Report 2- 5.10 Super Stealth!

5.10, where they are literally promoting running with the bulls, was the first company to take freeride cyclist's footwear needs seriously.  Back in the mid 90's they encouraged Fahzure to develop an early freeride shoe, prototype seen here:

The Maltese Falcon has been in the line for awhile, but it still looks good:

At Outdoor Retailer, 5.10 showed off their new lineup.  One of their shoes, the Chase has been popular amongst the urban crowd, so it gets new colorways:

But, as Fahzure likes to say, "New colors are new, but not news."  The news from 5.10 comes in the form of a couple of Karver inspired shoes with lace covers in both high and high/low formats:

And, here is the Fresh Produce.  Talk about Stealth.  This shoe looks like an Air Jordan mid combined with an SR-71 Blackbird. Ladies and gentlemen, the Duke. Black...check, Mid top w/ lowered rear for walking down steep pitches when building...check, Powersling heel lock...check, Scuff bumpers...check...yes, it has it all, especially if you tend toward the urban end of things:

5.10 Duke
With a little work to the sole, midsole and stabilization, in addition to its street/park/urban applications, this could become the best FR/DH shoe ever built. Looking forward to long term testing these pups.

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