Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dealer Camp New Products Report 7- Dealer Camp odds and ends

Campagnolo had these cool TT brake levers, they'd be great for that townie with a Marybar:
Also return to position TT shifters, uhh where do I measure to Mr. Commissioner?:

Lizard Skins has DH bike protectors in clear and carbon:
And a new 29er stay protector:
Carbon 29er from Rocky:
Yep, 29ers are coming in pretty light these days:

This bike rode great.  What is the deal with falling rate linkages?  Nobody wants to cop to them.  Nobody except Dave Weagle and Chris Cocalis, who recognize that a falling rate linkage/rocker combined with the progressivity of an air can equal nearly coil like performance:

Name this (mountain bike legend) guy:

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