Friday, August 12, 2011

Dealer Camp New Products Report 6- Total Newness Suntour, TRP, Cane Creek

While Interbike and, increasingly Eurobike, are the places to see tons of new stuff, Dealer Camp was super good this year with respect to the Fresh Produce.  We've already looked at the Intense Carbine, Ellsworth Slopestyle and the Yeti SB66, freshies at Dealer Camp this year, but there were many other new products, especially in the component and accessory realm.

First up, TRP is manufacturing a hydraulic converter and caliper set, to be used with road shift/brake levers from any manufacturer. Avid BB 5/7's pretty much suck as compared to hydraulics, with small pad contact, limited pad compound choices, and constant adjustment (after every lift served run?) necessary to keep them working properly.  This conversion unit, named Paradox,brings heal disc brake caliper power and modulation to road and cross bikes. Retail is about $450 with calipers and the setup weighs in at 250g. :

On a bike it's pretty unobtrusive.

Daryl "Big Bunny" Voss, former pro for Klien in the late '80s/early'90s has been at SR Suntour for 15 years and had this to show, the Axon Carbon, a 3lb (!) carbon lower, 100mm travel, tapered steer,  QR 15 fork: 

This WAS a top secret item. New from Cane Creek, a Double Barrel air shock, which was stored in a secret Pelican box off in a corner.  The stanchion shaft is prototype and will ultimately have a hardened finish.  All the same adjustments (low/high speed rebound and compression) as the coil, 500g or so lighter, eye to eye lengths same as the coil except the air can will go one shorter, and one less long (whatever that means):
 Spy quality photo:

For all you all who work in shops, I gave the Cane Creek folks a little ribbing on the Angleset install process.  They told me to watch the vid on their website. I suggested a guage to aid in orienting the cup.  They gave me a Gary Guage, which you should pickup at Interbike for the shop.  They also promised to work on an Angleset tool and gave me a beer, everyone happy.

These are real spy photos.  The folks at Troy Lee follow a Moto product release schedule, so this stuff won't be available until after Interbike.  DG BMX anyone?:
 Voodoo style graphics:

Snowboard and MX inspired graphics:

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