Monday, August 1, 2011

Dealer Camp New Products Report 4- Ellsworth, K-edge, Ashima

Josh Bender was hanging out at the Ellsworth booth, so Fahzure had to stop by and see what's new.  Ellsworth is still making frames in Vancouver, WA so one thing they can do is offer custom and mixed anodized colors.  This one was about a $350 upgrade, Mardi Gras!:
This is a Fahzue-type bike, a prototype, coil sprung  7 in freeride bike.  The seattube, headtube and shock rate are all tuned for Freeride fun:

K-edge had a neat mountain bike chain catcher on display, which they promised to forward a sample of, so Fahzure could check it out. Report coming. Looking for Di2 for your mountain bike? The K-edge folks have can mod a Dura Ace rear derailleur with a longer cage to work with wider range clusters, they call it Ki2 and a two derailleur and shifter kit will run you about $3400: 

These Ashima brakes are of a novel design, no pistons in the caliper, rather a diaphragm moves the pads.  some of their other brakes have two different sized pistons in the caliper:
 Check out the transfer pipe and groovy lightweight rotors:

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