Wednesday, October 12, 2011

No touch 10 second garlic peeling

Fall is also pesto making time around our house.  Buckets of washed basil:
 Garlic peeled the 10 second method:
This year Fahzure and Mrs. Fahzure grew about 20 Basil plants and 200 heads of garlic.  We'll try to put up about 3 gallons of pesto, so having to peel 15 or so heads of garlic can be a real chore and hard on your hands. I use the side of a Chef's knife or cleaver to break apart the heads, so I don't end up touching the garlic hardly at all:

A couple of caveats, it's about 10 seconds per head, and with the bowls the size in the video, about 10 heads is the efficient limit. This method does generate a bit of waste in that the tips of the cloves often break off, mixing with the husks.

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