Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Is this you?

These folks were generous, accommodating and a hoot at Interbike. They deserve you, do you deserve them (and MN)?:

Do you eat bacon on your peanut butter donuts? (and will you bring us some?) Drink the finest canned malt/barley/hops beverage at the local beverage store? (and will you bring us some?) Wear a clown-suit to work for a meeting with the boss? Are you familiar with the term “Canadian tuxedo”? Are you proud to finish Dead Last in a bike race?

Here’s the deal. Surly is looking for a marketing manager – and you’re probably not it. In case you’re confused…WE’RE LOOKING FOR A SURLY MARKETING MANAGER! - and you’re still probably not it.

If you are a Surly person with strategy and brand and marketing and bike chops – you’re still probably not it. But we will eat your donuts, drink your beer, and humor you while doing so.

Look, what’s important is that you have an excellent understanding of marketing for a great consumer brand like Surly. Yes, I said “great.” If that made you laugh just leave some beer at the front desk and go the hell away.

If you still think you’re a fit – and you’re probably not – hurry up already, there’s stuff that need doin’! The “formal” job description will be on the qbp.com website until it is filled. You know, the one HR likes.


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