Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hump Bike-Only One Thing Wrong With This Bike

My friend PS generally grades his efforts at a B-; it's part of a psycho-projection strategy to keep him striving for more.  Today's Hump Bike is a stealthy middle weight with almost nothing wrong. In the shop to replace the broken bullet-style LX R. Derailleur, that is about the only thing wrong with this obviously carefully considered daily driver. Look closely and you will find the perfect value package of efficient, adjustable near- vint goodness. Plus, it's like, how much more black could this be? And the answer is none

Oury grips, "relaxed" stem and Hell Bent Bars:

Poison Spider sticker, xtra long Surly steerer tube fork, I'm not makin' this up:

LX Hollowgram crank (octalink) and rad, Shimano, super-commuter all metal A530 pedals (DHers?):

Parallel push brakes, Avid and Shimano both made 'em, these were the burliest ; reflectorized Maxxis tires that do not get flats:

LX brake levers with multiple leverage ratio positions and, part of that near perfect, integrated shifters:

One of three QRs that actually work: Salsa; DT RWS; and, real Shimano camming QRs, alloy. Again, the best value:

Full wrap fenders, two cages (probably from days gone by), who needs a QR seatpost on a townie? Okay, here comes the tricky part, what make is it?  All the clues are here (see answer at bottom of page):

 I'm down with Old Man Mountain, hand brazed racks:

 Crazy cowgirl sticker, see!:

Chainstay protector made of inner tube and ice and water shield sealant tape, black, natch:
So consensus opinion is that this is a murdered, vint '94 Schwinn Homegrown. Those S bend stays. So as not to miss the opportunity for improvement/upgrade, Fahzure will give this bike a B-, at least until one correction is made.  Did you spot it's only other short coming? Let Fahzure know.


cramitsucko said...

No front rack. And that doesn't look like a Brookes saddle either.

Fahzure said...

Lack of a front rack is only "wrong" if you need one and could wrong if you had one that you didn't need. So, without jumping into the subjective, "no front rack" aint it. "Brooks saddle?" Nothing wrong with those, but saddles are entirely subjective. Two swings, two misses. Others will benefit from the whitlin' it down a bit.

reverend dick said...

It has no bell.