Monday, November 14, 2011

The Wood Shop

You might know Cam Wood from his 50/50 BMX days and his stellar segment in That's It! (and watched him gimping around at the premier):

As I reported, the Utah BMX Cobras have a new vid coming out, but that's not all Cam has been up to. Ladies and gentleman of SLC (actually SSLC) we finally have a BMX specialty store, Cam's The Wood Shop, located at 2212 S. West Temple, just up the street from the SLC Bike Collective:

The shop features a nice selection of completes, just in time for the holidays:

Plenty of frames, forks and tires:

A few choice softgoods:

 One thing that really stands out are the displays, hand built and burned by Cam, himself (click that pic):

Parts and accessories:

Wall of fame:

Head on over to The Wood Shop to support this great rider and our awesome local scene.  See you at the Tower Theater. 

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